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Mechanic in the Northern Adelaide area.

Workshop Services:
Shock absorber test
Suspension component replacement
Suspension inspection
Suspension repairs
Drive belt replacement
Engine computer diagnostics
Petrol engine diagnostics
Petrol engine repairs
Spark plug replacement
Fuel System
Fuel filter replacement
Fuel pump replacement
Fuel system diagnostics
LPG Systems
LPG servicing
LPG tunes
Brake booster replacement
Brake caliper repair
Brake disc machining
Brake disc replacement
Brake drum replacement
Brake fluid change
Brake hose replacement
Brake master cylinder replacement
Brake pad replacement
Brake repairs
Brake replacement
Brake wheel cylinder replacement
Handbrake cable replacement
Handbrake shoe replacement
Power Steering
Power steering repair
Steering hose replacement
Steering rack replacement
Alternator replacement
Brake light bulb replacement
Brake light switch replacement
Fuse replacement
Oil pressure sensor replacement
Starter motor replacement
Throttle position sensor replacement
Window regulator replacement
Exhaust System
Muffler replacement
Coolant level sensor replacement
Coolant reservoir replacement
Cooling fan replacement
Cooling system flush
Oil cooler replacement
Radiator bottom hose replacement
Radiator replacement
Radiator top hose replacement
Thermostat replacement
Water pump replacement
Air Conditioning and Heating
Cooling system repairs
Fan speed resistor replacement
Car Service
Alternator belt replacement
Car battery replacement
Express oil change
Filter replacement
Logbook services
Oil change
T-belt replacement
Vehicle diagnostics
Vehicle inspection
Car Tuning
Engine tuning
Tyres and Wheels
Wheel hub replacement
Wheel stud replacement